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Marine Survey
Your Safety, Our Priority
Get a detailed inspection from our finest team of diligent and honest surveyors to safeguard your investments.
1. Service provision to Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Clubs
Provide warranty, inspection, investigation for marine and cargo casualties covering:
  • Collision investigation and grounding
  • Cargo loss or damages
  • Chemical and/or oil shortage and contamination
  • Reefer damages
  • Warranty pre-entry inspection
  • Warranty sea-fastening and approval of tow arrangement
2. Barometer calibration, overhaul, and servicing
3. Bunker quality and quantity survey
4. Compass adjustment, overhaul, and servicing
5. Crew supply for project work
6. Damage and loss inspection and investigation
7. De-slopping scarpe MBT and de-dunker
8. Draft and/or displacement survey
9. ISM and ISPS manual preparation and internal/external audit
10. Marine cargo superintendency
11. Naval architect calculation for ship drawing
12. Ocean tow warranty approval inspection
13. Ovid inspection
14. Preparation of ISO 17020 manual
15. Preparation of Voyage transportation manual
16. Ship delivery: Supply towing master and riggers for shifting
17. Ship-to-ship transfer mooring consultation
18. Tanker vetting for oil majors and shipowners
19. Tug or barge warrant survey
20. Vessel on/off hire general condition and bunker rob
21. Vessel pre-sale or purchase inspection and valuation