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Class & Statutory
Authorised and Recognised Worldwide
We are the esteemed regional representative appointed by Isthmus Bureau of Shipping to conduct audit and inspection in Singapore.

We are also fully authorised to perform survey and issue interim Class and Statutory Certificate on behalf of IBS Classification for Panama, Belize, Honduras, Bolivia, and Jamaica Authority in compliance with CLASS rules and SOLAS regulations.

Additionally, we are authorised to conduct International Safety Management (ISM) and ISPS, ISSC, and SMC as third-party audit for shipping companies and vessels.

Wisdom Alpha has three fully-authorised surveyors which include one master mariner and one naval architect to fulfill all survey requirements in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Our inspection includes:

1. Cargo gears annual and special survey

2. Cargo ship safety certificate (for vessels under 500 grt)

3. Cargo ship safety construction certificate

4. Cargo ship safety equipment certificate

5. Cargo ship safety radiotelephony certificate (for vessels under 300 grt)

6. Cargo ship safety radio certificate

7. Certificate of inspection for crew accommodation

8. Class boiler intermediate, annual, and special survey

9. Class hull intermediate, annual, and special survey

10. Class machinery intermediate, annual, and special survey

11. Class occasional

12. Document of authorisation for the carriage of grain

13. Document of compliance (ISM documentation)

14. Dry-docking and bottom survey

15. Exemption certificate

16. Fishing vessel safety certificate

17. Garbage manual approval

18. IMO codes

19. International load line certificate

20. International oil pollution prevention certificate

21. International sewage pollution prevention

22. International tonnage certificate

23. Manuals & plans (for approval only)

24. Minimum safe manning certificate

25. Ovid inspection

26. Pleasure vessel safety certificate

27. Preparation of cargo securing manual

28. Preparation of ISO 17020 manual

29. Preparation of voyage transportation manual

30. Production of sopep

32. Reefer class intermediate, annual, and special survey

32. Safety management certificate (ISM-SMC for shipboard)

33. Seaworthiness (as per owners request)

34. Tailshaft special

Our range of services extend beyond the above listed items. Please contact us for advice on other services required.